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Free eBook – Wildlife Photography in the Kinabatangan River

28 Feb ’17

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Here it is, the first ebook I have ever made and the first one of a long list of upcoming ebooks on all the places I have been to photograph and film wildlife. I chose the Kinabatangan River in Borneo to start with. An incredible place for wildlife photography. I’ve included full-size images, text, tips and tricks about wildlife photography and information about destinations and wildlife species! Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter (on the right) to never miss one of the upcoming eBooks, blog posts or videos and follow me on my social communities (INSTAGRAM || FACEBOOK).

Grab your copy below and tell your friends and family about it (you can also right click on the download button and “save as”):

free ebook kinabatangan wildlife

Kinabatangan Wildlife Photography Ebook

I hope you enjoy the read! it is best viewed full screen both on tablets and computers (free pdf reader for both Mac and PC:Β


Huge thank you to my partner Rachel (and all the friends, family, reviewers and guides that helped me) without whom this eBook would not exist πŸ™‚



I am a nature photographer specialising in wildlife photography. I have a special passion for this type of photography which comes from my background as an ecologist & conservation biologist.

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