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Meet Nico: Worldnomads entry from Ellie Mackay

26 Feb ’16

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Worldnomads Travel Contest – Ellie is a documentary filmmaker who I met in Borneo while she was filming FRAGMENTED with Stephanie (her portofolio). For those of you who have seen my little video about my photography in Borneo (Click to see the video), nearly all the footage was shot by Ellie and Steph (I just edited it). Ellie later entered the World Nomad Travel contest with her own video about our research work in Borneo and my photography and travel philosophy. Results are now out and she got shortlisted! I am very thankful for her help and advice on all video related matters! Make sure to watch the video in HD, you don’t want to miss the sweat drops falling from my head !

Behind-the-scenes of Ellie’s Worldnomads entry.

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