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Aussie 2011 at Kurrawa Beach

10 Apr ’11

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This week, Kurrawa was hosting the Aussie 2011 Title. I was busy all week and I did not mange to go there once but as soon as the weekend was here I grabed the cameras and went down the path as I live right next to Kurrawa to get some shots. On Saturday I stayed 1 hour taking pictures of the rowing contest, amazing stuff. And sunday I watched both Iron men finals, men and women. It was pretty tense and the energy coming out from the place was great. Light was harsh but at least there was lots of it ! (click on the images to view them larger/sharper)

Saturday – Surf Boat Rowing

Someone is missing on the previous image ! (He made it safely back to shore though).

The guy rowing in the last image has a gopro on his head, I would realllllyyy like to see the footage !

Sunday – Iron Man Finals

Yesterday I did not spend a long time taking pictures, but today I had more freedom and spent 2hours shooting the women and men finals (Iron Man Category). What a delight.

Mens’ Finals

Shannon Eckstein from the Northcliff Club :

Shannon Eckstein followed by Ky Hurst from Kurrawa SLSC.

Happy winner.

Rescue & Media

Never forget the rescue teams on the IRBs, the jetskis or even helping on the beach. They are making all of this possible 🙂

I had a peek at what those guys with the big gun (500mm, 600mm…) shot today and there is some sick images out there, check them out : HERE

As usual it was a true pleasure to shoot sports. I regret not being able to be facing the competitors to get more interesting shots but then again, composing and getting good shots in difficult position is what makes you get better !

A black and white image to end this article, SLSC rules 🙂



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  • April 16, 2011 by Béa


    Des couleurs flashies, des hommes bien bâtis, merci pour cette gay pride tout en virilité ! Je remarque tout de même qu’il manque quelqu’un sur le zodiaque…

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